Friday, July 26, 2013

Getting ready for baby!!

We were adamant (it only took me four tries to spell that word right) OK, wait, I was adamant not to know the gender before she was born. Everyone and their sister gave me a hard time about it, I mean, not a horrible nasty hard time. But even my mom, who was surprised for all three of her kids, at one point said accusingly "I could shop better if I knew what you were having!"

There are so few surprises, and seriously, in hindsight, I am not at all sorry about the colors we chose for her room or her clothes. Hello, newborn clothes are all soft colors anyway, and trust me, the baby does not care; she pooped on them and peed on them and puked on them just the same :)

ANYWAY, I say this because when we decided not to find out what she was going to be a she, we still had to paint its room and such. So what did we do? What any selfish people would do, painted her room our favorite colors:
That's right, Kyle loves green and I love orange. Yes, they go together quite well, thank you. Especially when you accessorize with cool rugs:
And cool bedding:
I give my child the orange room I never got!! Embarrassingly, the walls are still almost as bear as they are in that first picture. I keep saying I'm going to make some paintings for her to look at, but so far I'm adding that to the pile of projects that I haven't gotten around to... yet...

She never got a mobile:
I made the monkey... *hangs head in shame*

She never got a knit hat made by her Mama...


But I'm holding out for when she's a little older and can also wear this stylish pea coat and these awesome little boots, that I will somehow find the time to make...

Oh, and she got plenty of knit hats from relatives and friends. She had her first photo shoot (at about a month and a half) in a hat made by my cousin Dani:
(she was so good!!!! I did it one day after a bottle, she had no objections to being nakey OR being man-handled by her own mother OR flashes in her face)

And family and friends just kept shoveling on the awesome stuff:

With a few personal touches thrown in from one scientist to another:
("When I grow up I want to be a mad scientist, mwah ha ha")

So now that I have a girl, I spend half my time shopping for her, since she must have the best, and I'm totally living vicariously through her awesome little outfits from Tea Collection:


I am seriously addicted to Tea Collection. I thought that all mothers of baby girls had to dress their little girls up like princesses. Well they don't, but what surprised me even more was I still love dressing her up, just not in pink :)

So anyway, I hope to post some things that I actually make, but for now, this is what was going on shortly before and after she was born, I mean, clothing and accessory-wise.

Next up, BABY STUFF!!

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