Friday, August 16, 2013

The only way to start is to start

Wynne is almost 8 months old (AHHHHHH!!!!!!!) so starting back at the beginning is like... whoa!

But it'll be fun, getting to relive it. There's a lot about this technological age that's really annoying, and then there's the fact that I have no chance of forgetting any moments, no chance to say "Man, I wish I had pictures of the first time she smiled or got into a pool or crawled or..." you get the picture.

My grandmother (G) said when my mom was born, it wasn't custom to have a camera around for everyday use, only special occasions. When I was born, it was a bit more common, but you still had to have film on hand, then develop it? What?! So now with our digital cameras and camera phones and digital video cameras and video cameras on our camera phones, my generation's kids don't stand a chance!

So with that, I think I have pictures and/or video of almost every day of this poor child's life. Don't get me wrong, I spent lots and lots of time just staring at her, but when I wasn't staring at her, I was staring at her through a camera view screen.

Her very first "official" (that means I took it and released it, I gave myself consent) and her first picture with Daddy, on his birthday, holding his birthday present (yeah, I think I literally said "I didn't get you anything else.")
Thankfully Kyle thought to take a picture of me too.

I try to stare at this one a lot, I can hardly remember when her hands were this small.

During the same nap, I watched her go from sleepy-smile-face to sleepy-worried-face. She was 2 days old! What was she dreaming about?!

So that's what I have of her first few days of life, spent in a very swanky hotel hospital. My parents and I'm sure Kyle's parents have more pictures, but I can only spend so much time gathering up every picture of her ever! And see, I've circled all the way back around to the beginning again; this gosh darn annoying digital age. Stupid Facebook!

So next, we bring her home, and I would never have survived if not for the multitude of family and friends those first few weeks.

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